CE Approved Steel Fabricators

BS EN 1090:1:2009 + A1:2011 Exc 3

As of July 2014, the CE Marking of steel has now become mandatory throughout the EU for construction products. All structural steel must be CE marked to show its compliance with the British Standard BS EN 1090:1+2. CE marking indicates that a product meets the relevant EU standards. These standards are consistent across all EU countries, plus the countries outside the EU which belong to the single market. Therefore, a CE Mark product can be sold in all EU and Single Market countries without any further certification.

LWC were one of the first steel fabricators in Essex to achieve this and can fabricate up to CE Execution Class 3 which covers the majority of building types and small stadium and bridges.

Factory Production Control System

Our CE Mark certification demonstrates that LWC has a fully operational Factory Production Control system ("FPC") in place for structural steel fabrication work. It also shows that the FPC has been assessed and approved by a suitable certification body: in our case Alcumus ISOQAR. LWC Engineering Ltd is audited on an annual basis and re - applies for full accreditation every 3 years.

Our FPC covers the procedures in place to allow us to maintain consistency in quality. Records kept and procedures followed enable us to make improvements as well as affording full traceability of the steel from the origin of the ore to the beam in the final structure. This approach to a quality control system extends to the welders who are coded to B.S EN 287-1 & B.S. EN ISO 9606-1 2017 and their procedures meet Part 3 of the EN ISO 3034 Welding Quality Management Systems Standard. All our suppliers also have to meet the relevant standard for their business and audited accordingly so we can’t just use anybody!

Why CE Marking for Structural Steel?

Structural steel is safety critical, and the consequences of a failure could be devastating. CE Marking ensures that all structural steel has been produced to an appropriate and safe standard.

CE Marking Steel and Brexit

The requirement to use CE mark steel in structural applications will remain in place after the UK leaves the EU. The CE standards are also British standards, and the legal requirement is enacted in UK law.